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Exhibition Magazine No. 1, February 2011 Photography: Boris Ovini Styling: Roxane Danset Model: Saskia de Brauw

Exhibition Magazine No. 1, February 2011 
Photography: Boris Ovini
Styling: Roxane Danset
Model: Saskia de Brauw

Harper’s Bazaar UK, July 2010 Photography: Paola Kudacki Styling: Vanessa Coyle Model: Hilary Rhoda

Harper’s Bazaar UK, July 2010 
Photography: Paola Kudacki
Styling: Vanessa Coyle
Model: Hilary Rhoda


Rapeseed Flower Fields, China

The stunning yellow landscape features field after field of rapeseed flowers, otherwise known as canola flowers. Rapeseed is grown for the production of animal feed, vegetable oil and biodiesel. These fields are located in the Yunnan Province in China. These endless yellow fields have become a popular site for photography for obvious reasons. Its a place of tranquility and endless beauty.

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Fan Ho, Canoe in Fog

Fan Ho, Canoe in Fog


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